image by Lynn Schwabe

Peter and Steffi Schütze were born in Berlin where they still live today. Unlike other siblings they did not hate each other, but loved spending time together, be it by staging epic medieval and space adventures with their Legos, or carving their own toy swords in their fathers workshop, to defend their tree-house from evil knights and dragons.
Steffi always loved drawing and is now working as a freelance illustrator, in her free time she does a lot of personal work, both comics and illustration.
As a teenager Peter discovered his love for metal - the material, not the music genre - and now works as a dental technician. Being a little bored from making teeth for other people, Peter started to divert his skills to create small metal figurines instead.
Looking for inspiration he turned to his sisters work. Steffi had just started working on a series of illustrations where she interpreted current fashion shows, so Peter decided to turn her drawings 3D. The result is their first series, which consists of eleven illustrations and sixteen figures an you can now see it here in this blog. They had so much fun with it, that they are already working on a new series.